WEBB CITY, Mo. — The past and the present were on display today in Webb City.

The “13th Annual Route 66 Coin, Gold and Silver show” gave a look at American History as well as local history.

The collectible show also offered a modern keepsake.

The city of Joplin is approaching its 150th Anniversary and just like in 1973, there’s a coin for that.

“One of the features of Joplin’s history that sometimes is over looked and certainly we’re here today to celebrate Route 66, it’s also featured on that coin. But that goes back about 100 years. So, there are different layers to the history of Joplin and a couple of them are featured there on that medallion,” said Dave Sorrick, Owner of In God We Trust LLC.

The “Joplin Coin” can be found for purchase at any “Southwest Missouri Bank” and the proceeds will help fund the city’s anniversary celebration.