A local woman just recently announced Mrs. U.S. United


ORONOGO, MO – In today’s dose of good news… From a small town in Missouri, all the way to Atlanta, Georgia, a Southwest Missouri woman’s dream finally came true.

Tiffanie Crouch of Oronogo is a special education teacher at Carthage High School, and last week she traveled to Atlanta, Georgia, with 57 other women to compete in the 2021 Mrs. U.S. United Pageant.

“The pageant is for all women, all ethnic backgrounds. There’s all categories from little girls all the way up to plus size, elite, older women, it’s based on beauty inside and out and our community envelopment.” Says Crouch.

After three days full of rehearsals, interviews, photo shoots, and competition, it was Saturday night when Crouch got the news she was so eager to hear.

“To all of a sudden hear your name, and know like, ‘oh my word I did this,’ in this huge town with all these people it was surreal. Like I’m still in shock, I can’t, I won it, like I’m Mrs. U.S. United.” Says Crouch.

Since being crowned, Crouch is looking to encourage and better her community.

“I’d like to focus my platform on helping raise awareness of breast cancer, and women getting checked, and men. Also I’d like to spread that out to any community event.” Says Crouch.

Crouch adds that no matter what people hear, they shouldn’t be discouraged to be in a pageant, and that anyone can do it.

“Pageants get a bad stigma sometimes, and I really think if there’s a little girl out there, or a woman that’s my age, or even a woman that’s like 60 and this is her dream, come talk to me, it’s awesome.” Says Crouch.

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