JOPLIN, Mo. — A local organization is working to educate the next generation of airmen.

The Joplin Civil Air Patrol hosted an educational and training event Saturday, in hopes of encouraging community members to join the aviation group.

Anyone can join the organization.

Over a five week period, members are educated in the services the group offers.

The Civil Air Patrol was started around World War I as an auxiliary of the Air Force.

The group specializes in emergency services and aerospace education.

Their instructor who has been a part of the program for 10 years says the Joplin Civil Air Patrol offers a very valuable experience.

Jered Horn, Joplin Civil Air Patrol, says, “I saw in my sons and in their friends in civil air patrol what the program does for them. And I’ve really developed a passion for cadets.”

For more information on the Joplin Civil Air Patrol, we have provided a link to their website here