BAXTER SPRINGS, Kan. — The Baxter Springs Disc Golf Club is helping the family of a fallen firefighter.

Saturday morning the club held the “Frisbee’s and Firefighter’s Fundraiser for Lieutenant Malachi Brown” at Kiwanis Park.

“Being that he gave the ultimate sacrifice for our community we want to try to do what we can to help his family and take care of them,” said Charles Rector, Baxter Springs Disc Golf Club President.

More than 60 people came out Saturday morning to play in a doubles disc golf tournament to support Lieutenant Malachi Brown’s family.

“I’m a teacher here at Baxter and I have one of his kids in my class. Just seeing him and then being from Baxter and kind of knowing the families. I just wanted to do something for them,” said Rector.

Lieutenant Brown was critically injured fighting a fire on October 15, 2021.

He was in a medically induced coma and passed away from his injuries on November 10th.

“Being a small community we were pretty devastated. When it first happened we had prayer chains everything. We all took off trying to show support there. Once he passed the whole community was pretty saddened and hurt,” said Rector.

Today’s tournament raised more than $2,600 for Malachi’s family.

“I’m hoping that the money raised today can help them in any way they need it. I know that the times right now with everything going on in their lives any little bit can help,” said Rector.

“It’s pretty important to us. Really just knowing there are people out there supporting Lieutenant Brown and his family during these rough times means a whole lot to them,” said John Hunt, Baxter Springs Fire Dept. Engineer.