A Local Business Takes Advantage of A New Internship Platform


A Missouri organization is making the intern and internship search easier for students and local businesses.
KSN’s Joie Bettenhausen explains what Intern Connect is and how it can help businesses grow.

“Experiential learning is what we’re trying to offer to give students an education on what they think they want to do as an occupation, before they actually get out there and do it as an occupation.” says Kelly Dyer, Missouri Chamber of Commerce Intern & Business Engagement Dir.

Joie Bettenhausen, Reporter
The Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry is trying to bridge the gap between local businesses and interns, since, they say, many residents are looking elsewhere for jobs.

“A lot of our young adults are leaving the state of Missouri to find employment and we’re trying to change that trend and one of the products that one of my colleagues found was a Indiana Intern.Net.” adds Dyer

With the idea of an intern and business portal in hand, the Missouri Chamber launched Intern Connect this past January.
It’s a website that allows businesses to post internships directly to the page and makes information easily accessible to interns throughout the state.

“A student can search by region, so if they wanted to go back home and work during the summer, they can look on this site and sort by region, by skill, by industry.” continues Dyer

And in the Four State region, Monett is the first city to have an internship posted to Intern Connect.

“Well it’s wonderful to know that Monett does have a company listed on the Intern Connect, which just further shows that the city motto of “Pride in Progress” continues to live on today. Obviously, we’re progressive enough to be trying to find those internship opportunities and keep them local.” says Jeff Meredith, Monett Chamber of Commerce Exec. Dir.

Businesses in Monett look for quality qualified workers and owners hope Intern Connect will be able to train students in valuable skills, while also giving them the opportunity to be employed in their hometown.
And community members are hopeful for what this new program will bring to Monett.

“Because it’s a program of the Missouri Chamber, it has a bright future. They do well with all the programs that they do and we’re very proud that Monett’s part of that and I think this is definitely a step in the right direction in trying to connect internship opportunities locally from students all across the state or across the nation.” adds Meredith

In Monett, Joie Bettenhausen, KSN Local News.

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