A Joplin logo is about to have an upgrade


JOPLIN, MO – Out with the old and in with the new. One logo in Southwest Missouri is about to have an upgrade.

“We are the crossroads of America, we are facing a new horizon as a community in the post tornado era.” Says Patrick Tuttle, Joplin Convention and Visitors Bureau Director.

And what better way to move on than with the help of someone with native roots.

“Being from Joplin I think really, really matters, I think it makes a difference. And that’s something that was really important to us. I grew up here, I was baptized at central, I did shows at Joplin Little Theater.” Says Gabriel Cassady, 2oddballs Creative Owner.

The new logo has been in the works for the last year.

Which includes making changes to the one that is incomplete.

“We’ve been working off of a couple different brands the cities had over the years, and the most resent one with the Trolley has never really been finished.” Says Tuttle.

It hasn’t just been 10 years since a logo change, but 10 years since the Joplin tornado.

“People do resonate with the tornado, but we’re moving forward of that. It’s more about the people, it’s more about our geography that sells who we are. It’s the hospitality that we have in this community, it’s the opportunity that grows, you can fulfill dreams here.” Says Tuttle.

Cassady adds their goal is to make the new logo like a song, something people can relate to in different ways.

“A really great song, one person may hear a lyric, and they may hear, and it may mean one thing to them, and somebody else may hear the same lyric, and it may mean something else to them.” Says Cassady.

The new logo is expected to be presented to council in 60 days.

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