A Joplin juvenile center contracts with Newton County Juvenile Office



The new juvenile center in Joplin is expanding operations to help kids in a second county.

The Newton County Juvenile Office is now contracting to bring teens in custody to the new Jasper County facility. That will cost $75 per juvenile per night. The Joplin site is much closer than what they have been using including juvenile facilities in Springfield and Mountain Grove.

Juvenile center in Joplin

“If you consider Mountain Grove it is 2 and a half hours away, that visitation cycle which is vitally important for kids to keep that visitation cycle going if they are detained. It’s just impossible to do.”

Steve Norman, Jasper Co. Chief Juvenile Officer

The center is also in talks with other nearby counties for a similar contract.

The Joplin facility cost about $11 million and opened its doors last March.

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