A Joplin group starts a project to clean up downtown


“Me, myself, I just think it’s important to give back when you can.” 

For Kimberly Favazzo Patrum, it’s all about putting that best foot forward.

Kimberly Favazzo Patrum from the “Clean Team” says, “In order for us to share the passion we have for where we live and people that come to joplin that have never been here before we want them to feel like we feel.” 

She’s just one of the volunteers cleaning up the alley southwest of 5th and Joplin. It’s a project called the “Downtown Joplin Clean Team.”

John Coleman from Downtown Joplin Alliance says, “Picking up trash, the cigarette butt count is too high in this city I think so a lot of that, pulling weeds.” 

The Downtown Joplin Alliance has been shepherding the program, picking two sites a month for a little TLC.
“Cause a good looking city is attractive to other people – our goal is to try and get other businesses to come in downtown and for Joplin to flourish and grow,” says Coleman.

They’ve already focused on areas of Main Street and Virginia Avenue. And they encourage others to join the project, even if they can’t make it to a designated “Clean Team” event.

Coleman says,  “Just step out into your parking lot or out onto your alley. You know if you’ve got team members, you know, take a little short break at lunch. Go out and enjoy some sunshine while you pick up a little bit and you’ll make your parking lot look a lot better.”

They’ve already set the next time and date for May 24th at 9:30 a.m. at 5th and Joplin. For more on the group, click here.

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