A home for homeless veterans


SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KOLR) — Springfield’s homeless veterans might have a place to stay in the coming years.

The Housing Authority of Springfield bought a property next to the Veterans Clinic on Republic.

The property will be turned into a three-story apartment building for veterans and their families.

“There’s hope for the other generations coming up behind,” Bryan Stewart, a veteran.

Stewart served from 1980 to 1983.

“I was two years in Japan as a driver, took people to and from the airport,” Stewart said. “My last year was on a sub-tender in Connecticut.”

This is his life 36 years later.

“I’ve been coast to coast several times, and stops in between,” Stewart said. “Some people care and some just don’t give a hoot. You never figure on it when you join the service and become a vet.”

Considering everything he’s been through, he says he’s happy to see an organization offering their support.

“Knowing that there is something out there in case of calamities or whatever that they’re still willing to care of you or help you in any way,” Stewart said.

He says he hopes to live in this future building.

But for now, he has advice for other veterans currently in his shoes.

“Never give up,” Stewart said. “There’s always someone, somewhere within that area that is willing to help.”

Veteran James Dunn says he tried to follow that rule but life after serving hasn’t been kind to him.

“It’s been terrible,” Dunn said. “I live in my car. I go to the Veteran’s Center and try to take a shower. I might get one once a week because it’s so packed.”

Dunn says he is excited about the project.

“Makes my heart rush a little bit,” Dunn said. “Because I’ve never heard of it, I haven’t heard of giving anybody a home. They don’t help.”

The Housing Authority is currently searching for low-income tax credits.

There is no deadline set for the project.

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