A golfer from Massachusetts won 2 championships in the same day


GLOUCESTER, MA – In tonight’s dose of good news… Most golfers dream of some day winning a championship, but what about winning 2 championships in the same day?

Summer is a chance to see old friends, practice your short game, and try to break 100.

But two weeks ago, Jenny Ceppi had a weekend golfers can only of dream of.

On Sunday morning she won the Salem Country Club match play tournament.

Then rushed up 128 to the Bass Rocks Country Club in Gloucester.

Where she shot an 84 to lift her second championship trophy of the day.

“I was just taking one shot at a time, I didn’t get ahead of myself.” Says Jenny Ceppi, Won 2 Golf Championships on Same Day.

“What’s the strength of her game? Everything” Says Marianne Doane, Golfer.

Marianne Doane was paired with Ceppi for the final round in Gloucester.

Finishing in second place 26 strokes behind her friend.

“She can chip like no one I’ve ever seen she puts unbelievably and she does hit the ball a long way. The ladies at Bass Rocks even pushed back the tee time… to all Jenny to make it in time for the final round.” Doane says.

“Amazing friends, a lot of wonderful memories and this is one hopefully one day if I have grandchildren and I’m in the rocking chair and I no longer can play golf I can at least tell them the story.” Ceppi says.

And while the competition was intense, Marianne says it was impossible not to root for her friend of nearly 20 years, who didn’t even start playing golf until her late 20’s, but is now dominating on the North Shore.

“She’s just as good a golfer as she is a person.” Doane says.

“I think that anything is possible if you put your mind to it and if I can encourage any little girl that look like me or anything, dream big… dream big and you can do anything you want.” Ceppi says.

And while this was a historic feat for Jenny winning two championships on the same day, she’s won the Salem Country Club championship twice, and has won Bass Rocks now 13 times.

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