WEBB CITY, MO – Big changes are overhauling the school district in Webb City, affecting everything from new classrooms and office space to athletics upgrades.

The focus right now is at the high school swim center.

They’re looking at more space for swimmers to get ready for competition.

“We’re adding additional locker rooms because originally and traditionally the locker rooms for both boys and girls has also doubled as a public restroom.” Says Tony Rossetti, WC R-7 Supt.

So construction will expand the current swim center, meaning athletes won’t have to share the space.

And that’s not the only athletic facility seeing construction on campus this summer.

“We’re adding parking for the softball field as well that will be associated with that. And then for the softball field we’re doing a turf infield. And we’re also going to do, I don’t know if you’ve seen our softball field where it says, but we’re also going to do some work to the stands, put cement concrete in for the stands surrounding the softball field.” Says Rossetti.

New tennis courts are also in the works.

And the school district will also add a new building on the east side of the campus that will house the JROTC program and a shooting range for the archery and rifle teams.

“So it expands the facility, adds classroom space, frees up other additional space. Which one of those classrooms will be an additional art class that we’ve added.” Says Rossetti.

The projects are among the top priorities for upgrades in the school district, but there are other issues they hope to tackle in the near future.

“I mean we still have the whole of American Legion post that we have purchased, which is almost 18,000 square feet that we will consolidate, Several of our programs into it, as well as possibly even, even as adding more classrooms for our preschool.” Says Rossetti.

Summer construction will also expand office space and address some playgrounds.

In all, it’s expected to cost about $3,000,000 to $3,500,000.

This is also helping to absorb what’s been a growing trend in Webb City enrollment in recent years.