A Different Way to Spend Spring Break


An Oklahoma teacher has used her Spring Break working for funding at public schools at the State Capitol.

Quapaw teacher Denise Rhodes has been an educator for more than forty years.
 She says for the past 30 years she’s been a part of the movement. 
She spent part of her break in Oklahoma City speaking with legislatures about more money going into the funding formula for schools. 
Retirees of education getting better retirement plans has been part of her work as well. 
Rhodes says the walkout last year was sucessfull, however their is still a lot more that can be done in the state. 

 “The pay raise which averaged over $6100 from last year still didn’t keep them in state…some of them like a friend of mine from Enid, Oklahoma he probably would have recieved $7500 raise but he went to Northwest Arkansas and recieved a $15,000  raise twice the amount.” said Denise Rhodes, Quapaw Public Schools 

Rhodes adds public schools are established by the Oklahoma Constiution. 
She says they are obligated to make sure schools are maintained and funded in a proper manner. 

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