A deceased man bequeathed money to Souls Harbor, which perfectly covered the cost of a recent roof replacement


JOPLIN, Mo. — As we showed you last week, the roof on the resident’s building of Souls Harbor in Joplin is in the process of being replaced. And the project won’t be a financial drain on the homeless ministry, thanks in part, to our story.

The pricetag for the new roof — $33,000. The story, which aired on KSN and KODE, jogged the memory of an employee at an area bank, who then called Souls Harbor.

“They said we had a client who died about a year ago and had left you as beneficiary at Souls Harbor, so we went and got all the necessary paperwork to see them and as it turned out, when we were leaving the bank, the check turned out to be the exact amount for the cost of the repairs to the roof,” said Dianna Gurley, Executive Director, Souls Harbor.

The man’s name was Arnold Battin. He started bringing canned food to Souls Harbor back in 2018 and continued doing so until his death about a year ago. His wife made him the beneficiary after she passed — and he did the same thing for Souls Harbor upon his death.

Again — the amount — $33,000. The same amount for the new roof.

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