A couple wakes up to see their car vandalized with homophobic slurs


“This morning I got up to cook breakfast for the kids, uh, I went outside to grab my coffee cup- out to the car, and that’s when I noticed the driver’s side of my car had been vandalized, says Matthew Brandenburg-Beck.

The car had a homophobic slur written across the side with scribbles of white spray paint around the word.
“I was angry,” says Matthew’s husband, Antony Beck-Brandenburg.

“I was pretty irritated, pretty irritated. You know, they came to my house, and with my family here and stuff like that, I think I was more upset about that than anything.”

A police report was filed on the incident and now is in the hands of a detective. 

Capt. Trevor Duncan with the Joplin Police Department says, “So really at this point it’s a property structure report. The initial observation was that it was around $1,000 of damage. It really comes down to whether they know who did it or not.”

But Matthew and Antony say they are already moving on from this, and are not going to be bothered by other people’s bigotry. 

“I just say they are jealous, you know, because I’m happily married and I have a family of my own, and that’s just the way I see it I guess,” says Matthew Brandenburg-Beck.

“We feel like everyone really is created equally and everyone deserves a chance at life to deserve happiness, and that’s what we’re achieving every single day, so it doesn’t leave a stain,” says Antony Beck-Brandenburg.

Matthew and Antony also say they are blown away by the support of the community. They were able to get the car detailed at no cost from midwest detail, and have received many kind messages.

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