A Bright Futures volunteer has helped children consistently for nine years


NEOSHO, Mo. — In tonight’s dose of good news… Most people go to the YMCA to workout, play basketball, or take a yoga class. But that’s not always the case on Wednesdays in Neosho.

“Clearly you love doing this, you’ve only missed one week in the last nine years, so how much longer do you see yourself doing this?” asked Jacob Kaufman, KODE Reporter.

“Until I can’t,” said Bright Futures Neosho Volunteer David Lee.

That’s what Bright Futures Neosho volunteer David Lee has to say about packing weekend food bags for kids. Since the program started 10 years ago, Lee has only missed one day in the last nine years.

“Well anything to help a kid. You know some of the older ones, the older folks, they cause their own problems, but the kids they haven’t had a choice yet so I just try to help out as much as I can with them,” said Lee.

Meeting in the “Neosho Freeman Family YMCA”, Lee and others work in an assembly line. Packing nonperishable’s such as cereal, ravioli, ramen and more.

“It’s all worth it if I can help one you know. So we start early in the morning, go get it, bring it out here and set it up,” said Lee.

Once the bags are packed, they’re then organized in sections by school. Where they’re then distributed throughout the week.

“They can do it very efficiently and fast. And get the job done in less than an hour they’re more than 200 plus bags packed,” said Deedee Dowell – Neosho Bright Futures Coordinator.

While the pace is impressive, it’s their love for the kids that Dowell is impressed by.

“The passion that they have to make sure that these bags get packed, and those children that take them home on the weekends have that food for the weekend is not only inspiring, but just an amazing thing to watch every week,” said Dowell.

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