A big drop in temps predicted later this week in the Four States


(KSNF/KODE) — The month of January is seasonally when we get some of our coldest air in the Four States, but that didn’t quite happen.

The close of January brought what looked a lot like a Spring-Time storm setup with severe weather leading the way, instead.

The first few days of February are now right at the seasonal average and warmer, but a cold spell is on the way.

Our 7-day Forecast already shows what is on the other side of our next front passing. 

The Climate Prediction has released their forecast for what our 6 to 10 Day Outlook will be and it stresses a strong, cold pool of air covering a majority of the US with the center of it over the Upper Midwest. 

Climate Prediction Center shows a big drop in temps expected in the next 6-10 days

The Four States is sitting in the 60% range of being below average for the 6 to 10 day timeframe.

Not only will this drop the temperature below the average, but this is going to bring the coldest air we have had so far this season. 

On top of the colder air moving in, the Precipitation Outlook doesn’t favor us getting to benefit from the cold setup, and February is usually one of our dry months. 

Very little precipitation is expected over the next week

The cold front is expected around the Friday-to-Saturday time frame. You can find the latest forecast on our website.

Plus, you can track the incoming cold weather through our mobile app for both Google Play and the Apple App Store.

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