A 9 year old girl is selling lemonade, and every penny is going back to the community


JACKSON, MI – In tonight’s dose of good news… A 9 year old girl in Jackson, Michigan is hosting a personal fundraiser, in hopes to help the community she lives in.

Meet Faith Murdock.

“Would you like some lemonade?” Says Faith Murdock, Faith’s Heavenly Lemonade Stand.

She sets up shot every week with her mom Kayla in front of their house or church with her own lemonade stand.

But she’s not putting a cent in her piggy bank.

Faith wants to give every dollar made back to the people in her community that need it right now.

“Because I thought one good deed could start a chain reaction.” Faith says.

It’s an idea she says came to her one night after watching the news and seeing the need in her community.

“When I dreamed about having a lemonade stand I decided to copy my dream.” Faith says.

So far she’s raised more than $1,000, giving the money to the families affected by the tragedy at Faster Horses or to kids in need to buy school supplies, another idea she had after seeing kids show up to class without a backpack.

“The schools can probably use them for their school supplies for art projects or they can let the kids borrow it.” Faith says.

Her mom who’s helped her along the way says seeing what her daughter has done and how the communities come together in support, is teaching her a new lesson.

“Alone like we can do so little. But together we can just do so much more than what we’re pretty much capable of doing. If we just come together, like the world just comes together.” Kayla says.

They call it Faith it, till you make it.

A slogan fitted across t-shirts that she’s also selling.

With a hope to inspire others to give back when people need it most.

“What comes out of this is something really good.” Faith says.

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