A 9 year-old girl delivers her mothers baby at home


BELTON, MO – In tonight’s dose of good news… A Belton, Missouri family welcomed their new baby girl into the world more than a week early, at home, with some surprising help.

When any baby is born it’s a miracle. Although, this birth may take the cake.

A 9 year-old helps deliver her baby sister at home. Her mom, a nurse here at St. Luke’s, coached her thru it.

“She is less than 24 hours old.” Says Angelica Gunn, Mother. No doctor or nurse delivered this bundle of joy.

“Then, a few seconds later her water broke.” Says Aakayla Gunn, 9 year-old.

But she may have a future in the medical field.

“We may have a doctor on our hands. Already delivering babies at 9!” Says Caleb Gunn, Father.

9 year-old Aakayla Gunn delivered her baby sister, 7lb, 9oz Aubree Rose.

“It was fun, she looked really pretty.” Says Aakayla Gunn, 9 year-old.

Mom, Angelica Gunn, started feeling contractions Tuesday. She called her husband to rush home, Caleb got stuck in traffic.

“I screamed for Aakayla to come in, and I was just like, you have to look, something’s happening, is her head coming out? And she’s like, I can’t look and I’m like you have to.” Says Angelica.

Within two pushes, Aubree was out. Aakayla caught her.

“She told me to go grab a towel and don’t hold Aubree so hard and um give her to mommy.” Says Aakayla.

Gunn’s sister on the phone, paramedics on the other.

Gunn herself is a nurse and certified Doula.

“I’m glad that we’re both okay and that my daughter’s okay and she’s not traumatized by the whole thing. She’s pretty excited about it.” Says Angelica.

Aakayla has a 4 year-old brother, but can’t wait to hit the mall with baby sis.

“Shopping!!” Says Aakayla.

Dad describes his daughter as a total girly, girl.

“I mean, she’s scared to touch worms, so just to look at some things that she looked at is just amazing.” Says Caleb.

The amount of bling on her shirt, matches her bravery.

“Big sister!!” Says Aakayla

“I think she’ll really cherish this for the rest of her life.” Says Angelica.

Even more special, the Gunns have battled fertility issues.

“We had our nurse on our side, my little angel Aakayla.” Says Caleb.

They have 3 babies in heaven, and now 3 here on Earth.

“It’s like heaven looking into her eyes. It’s amazing.” Says Caleb.

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