86 Joplin educators nominated for the 34th Annual Golden Apple Awards


The Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce has announced that 121 nominations were received, which highlighted 86 Joplin educators for the 34th Annual Golden Apple Awards.  

For over 30 years, the Golden Apple Awards have recognized excellence in the teaching profession and informed the public of the exceptional quality of instruction in the Joplin community.

The individuals were nominated by students, parents and peers in the Joplin public and private schools. All nominees and the individuals who are nominated will be recognized at a reception on February 28th at MSSU.

Judging will take place over the next two months and the awardees in each of the four categories will be announced at the 102nd JACC Annual Banquet, April 25, 2019.  

The nominees are:

Kindergarten-2nd Grade

Betsy James                 Cecil Floyd Elementary

Kelsey Vene                  Cecil Floyd Elementary

Whitney Terry                Eastmorland Elementary

KyLeigh Garrett             Eastmorland Elementary

Kayleigh Woodruff         Eastmorland Elementary

Meg Carlisle                  Jefferson Elementary

Nicole Thorn                  Jefferson Elementary

Chelsey Junker              Jefferson Elementary

Sheenah Briggs             Kelsey Norman Elementary

Chelsea Simpson           Kelsey Norman Elementary

Bette Schoeberl             St. Mary’s Elementary School

Staci Saunders              Stapleton Elementary

Elaina Watkins               Stapleton Elementary

Beth Arnold                    West Central Elementary

3rd-5th Grade

Hannah Graham                Eastmorland Elementary

Jinger Lee                          Eastmorland Elementary

Janet Parker-Spain            Eastmorland Elementary

Vanessa Gage                   Irving Elementary

Kim Grigery                       Jefferson Elementary

Alex Smith                         Jefferson Elementary

Crystal Weltha                   Jefferson Elementary

Tylan Harris                       Jefferson Elementary

Shea Stehm                      Kelsey Norman Elementary

Lauren Frieden                 Stapleton Elementary

Clayton Carnahan             Thomas Jefferson Independent  Day School

Mary Arnold                      Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School

Gay Currence                   Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School

6th-8th Grade

Breanna Clark                    College Heights Christian School

Eric Lang                            College Heights Christian School

Anthony Ficken                  East Middle School

Julie Metcalf                       East Middle School

Lara Stamper                     East Middle School

Nash Brodsky                   North Middle School

Angela Graves                  North Middle School

Marcia Himes                    North Middle School

Ashleigh McFarland          North Middle School

Laurie Olson                      North Middle School

Crystal Robinson               North Middle School

Cheryl Sieber                     North Middle School

Vashti Stevenson               North Middle School

Jeni Vieselmeyer               North Middle School

Rachel Bowyer                   South Middle School

Abbie Durr                          South Middle School

Tanya Tupper                      South Middle School

Heather Van Otterloo          South Middle School

Deborah  Zellmer                South Middle School

Linda Foxwell                      South Middle School

Sr. Joan Schwager              St. Peter’s Middle School

Becky Hendrickson             Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School

9th-12th Grade

Charmagne Stanley             College Heights Christian School

Jennifer Barksdale               Franklin Technology Center

Steven Bradfield                   Franklin Technology Center

Doug Donnel                        Franklin Technology Center

Karen Essley                       Franklin Technology Center

Marc Smallwood                 Franklin Technology Center

Don Turnbull                       Franklin Technology Center

Sara Adcock                                Joplin High School

David Armstrong                         Joplin High School

First Sergeant Richard Banks     Joplin High School

Charli Jo Baugh                          Joplin High School

Don Carey                                  Joplin High School

Heather Coble                            Joplin High School

Amber Cooney                           Joplin High School

Courtney Escoto                        Joplin High School

Wendy Henady                          Joplin High School

Charlie Jenkins                         Joplin High School

Gina Lee                                  Joplin High School

Alan Linden                              Joplin High School

Misti Meads                              Joplin High School

Tina Movick                              Joplin High School

Tim Oster                                 Joplin High School

Levi Reed                                Joplin High School

Lacey Santillan                        Joplin High School

Amanda Smith                         Joplin High School

Kelly Taute                               Joplin High School

Kylee VanHorn                        Joplin High School

Sheila Ward                             Joplin High School

Mike Wassenaar                     Joplin High School

Jim Whitney                            Joplin High School

Holly Yust                                Joplin High School

Brendan Cooney                     Joplin High School

Edie Harrison                          Joplin High School

Elsie Morris                             Joplin High School

Paula Bohm                            Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School

Gabby Heth                            Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School

Fang Martin                            Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School

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