60 year old body builder wants to share her story with the world


LUBBOCK, TX – In tonight’s dose of good news… The 60 year old you’re about to meet isn’t about to go on vacation, she’s gearing up to complete in a national body building competition.

Professional body builder Linda Childers Perry is a great grandmother with big dreams.

“Well I’m sixty, that doesn’t mean anything to me, age ain’t nothin but a number. I’m thinking ‘mastro Olympian’. I mean I can see myself there.” Says Perry.

Getting ready for a national competition after winning 1st in Dallas.

“I come up here 3 o’clock at night, I come up here when no one else is here because I know there’s somebody else working out harder than me.” Says Perry.

Perry competing in over 20 body building competitions since the 90’s, after leaving an abusive relationship.

“I was broken to the point, you’re not going to amount to anything, nobody wants you, you got a ready made family. When my kids were involved in it, it wasn’t enough for me to keep myself in it because I knew that I wanted to protect them.” Says Perry.

Hoping her story of triumph will inspire others.

“I mean you might think that you’re by yourself but you’re not, you’re not by yourself, there is a way out.
you’ve got women that support, women’s protective services, make sure that you’re safe, that you get out of that, you can get out of that, look at me, I got out of that.” Says Perry.

“She’s an athlete that works with us but she’s really a good friend and really embodies what can be done if you stick with it.” Says Jeremy Garcia, Owner at Iron J’s Gym.

Perry saying she’s putting in the work for her next competition feeling proud of how far she’s come.

“I never lose. I don’t care if it’s first second or third, I still won… because you’ve won because of what you have done.” Says Perry.

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