6 year old boy raises money and spreads the love


A local 6 year old is looking to spread the love by helping people in need.

“I’m doing a fundraiser for the Ronald McDonald House,” says Tyler Wills.

From business to business, 6 year old Tyler Wills is spreading the word about a project he’s working on.

“I’m sponsoring 5 babies for the Ronald McDonald House,” says Tyler Wills.

Tyler has been handing out flyers around Southwest Missouri letting people know how they can help. And this isn’t his first fundraiser. From selling baked goods-

“And said, ‘Cookies for sale. Cookies for sale,” says Wills.

To raising tuition funds for Filipino students to go to school. And there are no limits to sharing his success.

“He’s like, ‘Mom, I’ve helped a little girl, I’ve helped teenagers, but I’ve never helped a baby. I want to help a baby,’” says Trina Wills.

Now, Tyler is working his biggest fundraiser yet: raising hundreds of dollars to help sponsor babies at the Ronald McDonald House.

“To help the people out and get home,” says Tyler Wills.

“Him himself when he was born he spent, you know, about 8 days in the NIC unit, and we stayed at that Ronald McDonald House and it’s kind of our way of saying thank you for all that you did, because without them our son wouldn’t be alive,” says Trina Wills.

Prompting a selfless project that won’t end any time soon.

And all of Tyler’s hard work for the Ronald McDonald House is leading up to an event he is putting on. Tyler will host an event full of activities in September to help get to his goal.

There will be a bake sale, food and drinks, and door prizes. Tyler had some help from his mom organizing the event, but all the activities at the fundraiser were thought of by Tyler.

“Oh, having a bike run, doing a hot dog sale, we’re going to have live music,” says Tyler Wills.

The fundraiser will be held Saturday, September 8th starting at 11:00 am at the Seneca Area Fire Protection District station in Racine. The goal is to raise $500 dollars.

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