Some students are taking time after school to learn some basics in computer coding.

   The kids learn a lot of if than’s. If this happens then something happens and that’s what they really need. They need to solve those problem solving scenarios .If I click this button this happens. says instructor Eric Gudde

Block coding is a very basic pattern recognition and trial and error introduction to coding that these fourth and fifth graders are learning Wednesday afternoon. The kids dragged, dropped, and combined tabs to see how it would effect the image of a dancing person on the screen.

   Coding is huge and  there’s so much potential there and teaching it in seventh and eighth grade. I want to make sure we got it lower so when they’re coming to seventh and eighth grade they have a good background. says Gudde

  Instructor Eric Gudde says that while he wants the kids to get excited about learning computer coding, he also wants the students to learn another important lesson.

   They can do anything they want. If they have a dream in their head and anything with a computer. says Gudde

    Students like Abby Albright want to learn code to help her make music and videos. And while it may be a bit difficult she’s enjoying her time so far.

    I just kind of like how he shows us stuff, an example, and then he’s like ok guys and you kind of just get to see and just do what to and just kind of do it on your own and see oh does this look good. says Albright

    And she isn’t the only one.

   If you watched today it was just laughing, having fun. says Gudde