3M grant helps those with Alzheimers, austism, or similar disorders


MIAMI, Ok. — People suffering from Alzheimers and autism get some much needed help from 3M in Quapaw.

Miami’s Pilot Club was awarded $2,500 to help support Project Lifesaver.

The Miami’s Fire Department hands out bracelets with transmitters to people who have down syndrome, dementia, or other similar disorders.

The project will help the department hand out even more.

The bracelets help emergency personnel get to the patients location faster or if they go missing.

With ten people now on the program, costs are starting to get expensive.

Miami Fire Chief Robert Wright says the grant will be a big help.

Robert Wright, Miami Fire Chief, said, “It’s very important because children with autism are attracted to water and we have located a couple of children with that and some of them have been by water.”

The department is always looking for funding to help them purchase more bracelets.

If you are interested in helping call the Miami Fire Department at 918-541-2322.

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