$30K awarded to Miami Community Crisis Center to upgrade facility security


Miami’s Community Crisis Center earns a $30,000 grant to help make its facility safer.

The Victims of Crime Act serves people who suffer from domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking.

The center made major safety upgrades with the funding. New roofs for both the office and domestic violence shelter have been built.

Previously, they didn’t have a storm shelter for people at the building. The money also helped them build that as well.

“At our agency, it’s really hard to find funds, especially in rural areas, to fund big projects like that and it was something we’ve needed done for several years and have never been able to identify someone that will be willing to fund it,” explained Kelsey Samuels with the Miami Community Crisis Center.

Samuels adds money was getting tight for them, in some cases they had to use other funding to make building repairs.

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