22 year-old Nicholas Allen got a special salute from someone very special to him


SOUTH CARONLINA – In tonight’s dose of good news… He’s a third generation service member, but before beginning his career in the Navy, he’s getting a special salute from someone very special to him.

Nicholas Allen has always dreamed of serving in the military.

Just like his grandfather, Gail Allen, a Radioman First Class Petty Officer in the Navy.

And his father, Kenneth Allen, a Lt. Colonel in the Army.

Nicholas, now 22, is graduating and going into the Navy.

And when it was time for Nicholas to receive his very first salute, a storied military tradition, he knew exactly who he wanted to get it from.

That grandson traveling from New York to his grandparent’s back yard in South Carolina.

His grandfather back in his uniform. He was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s last year, but is still so proud of his grandson and still ready to salute.

“Sharing this experience with my grandpa and going down to see him, it meant a lot to me. I know that I’ll remember and cherish that moment forever.” Says Nicholas.

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