2019 MSSU Research Symposium


     Missouri Southern students are getting a chance to show off the hours and hours of work they’ve done outside of the classroom.

    MSSU senior Rachel Sweet is about to have a bit more free time.

    “It took about a year. This semester was the more rougher side of it. I definitely put at least two hundred hours into running all the analysis and reading all the literature i needed to actually do a different metanalysis. So it was a big chunk of my senior year.” says Sweet

  She’s presenting her research on some of the potential side effects of excessive cell phone use.

     “Oh it’s amazing. You get so frustrated while you’re in it. Like why would anyone care about this? Am i the only now that cares about it? And you put it out there on display an people are actually really interested and are asking genuine questions.” says Sweet

      Posters, booklets, and students – they’re all ready to present for the annual MSSU Student Research Symposium. More than fifty students were able to detail their research..

      “Across all different categories, disciplines, majors. Humanities, sciences, business and technologies.” says MSSU Honors Program Assistant Director Rachel Stanley

   The research submitted for this event could come from work done during internships, projects that students collaborated with faculty on, work done for a class, or individual research.

      Students presenting could also discuss their work with faculty, peers, residents, and judges.

     “There’s just so many different projects that are out there and it’s so exciting that the kids are interested in learning new things and showing people the things that they’ve learned.” says Stanley

      The top projects each won an amazon gift card. 

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