2019 a year of changes for Missouri, legislators looking to build upon its successes


MISSOURI — 2019 brought economic advancement, bolstering the workforce, and emergency management reinforcements.

These are just some of the many successes for the state of Missouri.

Dirk Deaton, State Representative District 159 (R), said, “I think the best thing about looking to 2020 is that we can build upon the successes of 2019.”

This past year brought many changes to the show-me-state.

From economic development to improving health and public safety.

“The economy in Missouri and across the country, especially in Missouri really is booming.”

The state’s unemployment rate, which sits at 3.1%, remained at near historic lows and over the last year and the workforce grew by nearly 40,000 new jobs.

“There were tens of thousands of jobs, hundreds of millions, nearly a billion dollars of investments made in our state over the past year.”

2019 was also a record year for flooding.

Governor Parsons had to sign an executive order to refocus the state’s flood control priorities.

Jackie Kennedy, Joplin Red Cross, said, “October, the governor signed over the Flood Recovery Advisory Working Group bill and that just gives the ability to plan solutions for flooding and work with the engineering corps to try to figure out you know ways to prevent but also better response.”

Kennedy says there is a very heavy focus on local and state emergency management.

“The mission of the Red Cross is immediate disaster response so finding the immediate needs of the people. I think as we go into 2020, we’ve got great momentum.”

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