2018 Cherokee County Budget Finalized


Columbus, KS- The 2018 Cherokee County Budget has been finalized for the upcoming fiscal year, with changes that affect county employees.

Not only will property taxes go up, but now health coverage premiums are going up for workers as well.

Laura Atkinson, a Cherokee County tax payer says. “I felt like work with that and try not to increase anymore and when they wanted to increase that much more it just got a lot of us upset.”

Rodney Edmondson, Cherokee Co. Clerk says the budges are fine.  “Most departments are under budget and there is not a problem with the budget it’s the fund balances.”   He went on to say, “A few of the departments that had requested an increase received less of an increase. Their increase amounts were reduced a little bit. And then also the commissioners voted to have the employees pay more in insurance premium towards their health coverage.:

The Cherokee County final budget will be 15.2 million dollars after commissioners cut $500,000 from the proposed plan.  Cherokee County Employees will now be paying 36 to 80 dollars more in premiums per month.  Resident Laura Atkinson says, “I mean the single people are only paying $36 more a month. Our taxes are going up way more than that. So, we are having to find a way, and they need to find a way too.”

With the new budget, property taxes won’t increase as much as anticipated, but that could still have a big impact on homeowners. Edmonson says that on a 100 thousand dollar home, a tax payer will see around a $42 increase. 

Atkinson says that in the future, she plans to be more involved in the process and attend more commission meetings and stay on top of what’s going on.

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