2018 Apple Butter Makin’ Days


People from across the nation head to Mount Vernon to enjoy the country’s famous Apple Butter Makin’ Days.

This weekend marks the 52nd Apple Butter Makin’ Days in the Mount Vernon town square.
Over four hundred vendors lined the square, with forty new booths added this year.
Organizers expect over 50,000 people to take part in contests such as husband calling, bubble gum blowing, and apple pie eating.
Rain or shine, visitors from all over stop by to see the process of how apple butter is made.

“There’s a huge crowd here today even though they know rain may be coming. Yesterday we had a good crowd, so it’s really exciting to know that people love it so much that they still come even though it’s going to rain.” says Stephany Davis, Information Booth Attendant

For next year, organizers hope to attract an even larger crowd and maybe add more vendors as well.

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