2017 brings in a minimum wage increase to workers in Missouri

The new year is starting off on a good note for one Missouri woman, who enjoys working 20 hours a week.
“This is living a new way of life today. It’s comforting to know that I am responsible and I’m establishing integrity and I’m grateful for these hours I get to work,” explained minimum wage worker Alicia Left.
This Subway employee is one of millions who will receive a little more in her pay check. Starting January 1st, minimum wage in the Show-Me State increased by $.05–meaning Lett makes $7.70 an hour instead of $7.65. 
“[I’m] ecstatic about it; now I can think about putting money into a savings account and establishing some credit,” Lett added.
And, Lett isn’t the only one exciting about the change.
“You have to put in your time at the bottom of the totem pole to make your way up to just a little bit past minimum wage to try and make ends meet. You have to nowadays because everything is more expensive,” said supervisor Lisa Mick. 
Along with Missouri, residents in 19 other states, including Arkansas, will see bigger paychecks thanks to increased wages.
“Just having my own income and providing it for myself allows me to feel good about myself. So, I’m grateful; even the small check is perfectly find with me right now,” explained Lett. 

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