JOPLIN, Mo. – Local students complete an inaugural summer program to help battle the summer slide.

20 students in grades six through nine from Galena and Joplin graduated from the Compass Academy Network Friday.

The three-week program at Thomas Jefferson Day School consisted of a curriculum of English, civics, Science, Art, team building and personal development. The main mission for Compass is to build confidence and key academic skills for the students to take into the new school year.

“I accomplished something that’s gonna help me out a lot in the future. Like especially like the personal development class. The taking notes and stuff like that.”

Sylei Click, Compass Academy Graduate

“For weeks we’ve been working with them. So to see them not only complete the program but to complete it with grace and successfully and to see so many people show up to support them has been a really exciting day for us.”

Shauna Tharp, Compass Academy Program Director

Tharp adds that the inaugural year was full of energy and excitement, all stemming from a great group of students.