19 year old entrepreneur buys Miami historic gas station


MIAMI, Okla. —

A 19-year-old Northeast Oklahoma entrepreneur is expanding his network purchasing historic buildings in Miami.

Since he was a child, Eli Chenoweth of Welch has been inspired to make his own money. This was seen as he launched his own business at the age of 15 called The Frozen Elephant, a shaved ice shop on the iconic Route 66.

Yesterday, he found out he acquired Miami’s oldest gas station dating back to the 1920’s in a city auction. Several months ago, he purchased the Miami Marathon Oil Service Station on Route 66 which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

“I’m fascinated with history I’m fascinated with our town I love Miami. This is one of the proudest buildings that we can have and it’s set neglected for too long. I’m always watching to see the people that take the old dilapidated homes, dilapidated buildings and see what they can do with them.”

Eli Chenoweth, Miami Resident

Chenoweth’s goal is to work with the City of Miami to determine where he can relocate the 1920’s station near the Miami Marathon Oil Service.
He hopes to do this within the next year.

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