17th Annual Kids Fishing Day at Kellogg Lake


If you’re not an avid fisherman or woman but want to try your hand at reeling in a catch, this weekend is the ideal time.

This weekend is The Missouri Department Of Conservation’s free fishing weekend throughout the entire state.

That means you don’t have to have a fishing license to catch fish in your day in a lake, creek or river. 

As a part of it, Kellogg Lake hosted its 17th Annual Kids Fishing Day.

The department stocked the lake with about 500 catfish for the kids to reel in, some as large as 5 pounds.

“It’s just incredible to see the smile on their faces, the people having a good time and knowing that the conservation department and the community of Carthage is behind, the reason that this is going on,” says Kevin Badgley with MODOC.

In addition to fishing there were educational activities all around the lake for kids to learn about fish, forests and wildlife.

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