11th Judicial District looking to fill Labette County judge position


LABETTE COUNTY, Ks. — The 11th Judicial District Nominating Commission is looking to fill a District Judge position in Labette County.

Sara Beezley, 11th Judicial District Nominating Commision, said, “We want someone that’s going to be a hard worker and be fair.”

The 11th Judicial Nominating Commission is looking to fill an open position.

“Today we’re interviewing 9 applicants for the position of Labette County district judge to replace Jeffery Jack, who was the former district court judge.”

Judge Jeffrey Jack retired from the bench on January 2nd.

“So we interview them and then we make a selection and we can send a maximum of 5, a minimum of 3 names up to the governor.”

Governor Laura Kelly will make the final selection.

“Labette County has a very busy docket, a lot of people come before this judge.”

That’s something Stephen Jones can attest to.

Stephen Jones, said, “It’s the court room, I’ve been arguing in the last year. I’ve been here for going on nine years.”

Jones is one of the nominees going before the commission.

“I think most of the people that I know that are applying for this job, I think would certainly be able to do a good job.”

Jones says if appointed, it will help him continue building lasting relationships in the community.

“In terms of coming in, I’ll know the players, I’ll know the people, and I’ll know the families.”

“We’re convinced that any one of them is going to be able to step up and do the job because the thing about this it’s a learning experience. You know no one comes into this job and knows everything that they need to know. They’re learning all the time,” said, Beezley

Jones is one of nine people vying for the judge position.

The eight other candidates come from Parsons, Joplin, Mulberry, Columbus, Pittsburg and Fort Scott.

The other candidates are:

William S. Adamson, Parsons
Nathan R. Coleman, Joplin
Maradeth L. Frederick, Mulberry
Valorie R. Leblac, Bourbon Co.
Samuel Marsh, Columbus
John G. Mazurek, Pittsburg
Steven A. Stockard, Pittsburg
Terra Tecchio, Fort Scott

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