116th Congress sworn in today


The 116th Congress was sworn in today, a combination of new and veteran faces serving Four State residents.

The House of Representatives is now controlled by Democrats. This is the most diverse Congress in history. Diversity aside — the new Congress has some important work to get to right away, including ending the partial government shutdown. While this is an exciting day for some, it’s also a very frustrating one for others.

“Listen, I’m here to serve Kansas second people, I’m here to serve the people of Kansas, and that’s what I’m here to do. Deliver what I campaigned on, which includes job and the economy, safe, protect the borders and the health care system,” says Steve Watkins, Kansas.

“It will require some new discussions, some new strategies since we have a change of leadership in the house, but we certainly need border security. And I’m hopeful we can find common ground and we can move forward with that,” says Vicky Hartzler, Missouri.

“It is odd to start a new Congress with unfinished business from the last Congress, so we have 25% of the government that is still unfunded, the vast majority of the government is funded, but for that part that is unfunded it has to be resolved including the issue of border security, the hard part is it shouldn’t be as hard as it’s laid out to be,” says James Lankford, Oklahoma.

President Trump has said he won’t reopen the government unless it includes funding for his border wall. Democrats say they have no intentions of funding it.

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