10th Annual Small Business Saturday in Neosho and Granby


NEOSHO, Mo. — On Saturday, November 28th, 2020, small businesses in Neosho and Granby were involved in the tenth annual small business Saturday. We found out how two cities are giving back to the community.

Small business Saturday is just getting the small businesses in the forefront of our customers minds to remind them that we are here and we have special deals.

Natasha Smith, Owner of Cactus Creek Boutique

14 small businesses in Neosho and Granby are raising money for a good cause. Those stores are held a raffle and donated the proceeds to an addiction treatment center in Newton County called the Adult and Teen Challenge of the Four States.

We like to run specials and give our customers a chance to get a good deal always and any chance we can do to make a difference even if it’s a small change or a difference especially for a local nonprofit that does such amazing work we are definitely in.

Natasha Smith, Owner of Cactus Creek Boutique

Shoppers say they came out to Cactus Creek Boutique to support their community.

I think its important that we support our community and its just a lot of fun to come out and support the local businesses and a lot of these people are our friends. Everything that we shop in local stores those tax dollars go back to support our schools and our own community.

Susan Morton, Shopper

Cactus Creek is also participating in the Neosho Chambers of Commerce’s push to shop local. Shoppers who enter will be in a drawing to win $1,000.

I’m excited to see everybody participating and I love to see when they come in with full cards and are ready to turn them in and they get excited about it and a lot of people get to see businesses and visit businesses they didn’t even know were out there. I think its helping us and our surrounding small businesses a lot.

Natasha Smith, Owner of Cactus Creek Boutique

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