1011th Quartermaster Company Change of Command



After 15 years of service, Erin Kelley is sworn in as the next company commander of the 1011th Quartermaster Company of the Army Reserve.
This is pefromed during a change of command military tradition ceremony where leadership is passed from one commander to the next.
Kelley will be taking over 4 different platoons in 2 locations in Kansas and one in Nebraska.
She says taking on this new role’ she will responsible for planning portions of different missions.
Kelly believes today would not be possible without the unwavering support of her family.
“My husband puts up with so much I’m gone a lot and I have a 2 year old and another one on the way.My mother is always there for me she is my biggest cheerleader.” said Erin Kelley, Warrant Officer 1
“We’re extremely proud of Erin our little soilder.It’s kind of full circle my father was commanader for awhile in the 60 and 70’s in the national guard here in the 203rd engineering group and for Erin then to be commander as well is very ironic and historical.” said Rebecca Gray, Erin Kelley’s Mother
Gray says she hopes her daughter Erin serves as inspiration to others.
“I’m a teacher so I am always encouraging students to look at all the career opportunities and Army Reserve is a great career opportunity especially for women. So I just hope it inspires other young people to join the army reserves.” said Rebecca Gray, Erin Kelley’s Mother

Erin Kelley’s ultimate goal is to become a CW5. It is the highest rank you can earn as a warrant officer.

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