100 Remain Without Power from Monday Storm


"We're down to about 100 outages at this point. We will continue to work through the night." Josh King, New Mac

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(McDONALD CO., Mo) — Thousands across SW Missouri were without power after storms Monday evening. And crews are still working to restore power now. As of 5:00 PM, Wednesday, there were about 300 remaining.

Now in a recorded message (scroll below) at 9:36 PM from New Mac’s Josh King, “We’re down to now 100 outages at this point. Almost all of them are from our Saratoga Feeder. Southwest City, Noel, West of Pineville, that is the bulk of our outages at this point. We will have crews working through the night. Hopefully we will get it all wrapped up soon.

The National Weather Service has determined the Monday evening storm damage was due to straight lined winds. No recorded tornado caused damage across the region.

In a more detailed update from 5:00 PM King shares details.

Josh King, New Mac

We’ve made significant strides today [Wednesday], in fact, we have now just about 300 members that are still without power. And most of those are basically in the Southwest City, Noel areas. They are served by our Saratoga substation.

We still have quite a few that are served by our West Feeder Line out of Jane. We’ve finally got that line repaired but now we have several tap lines to repair so we are working on that.

But the majority of the outages are still scattered across McDonald County. Obviously that storm Monday night, winds upward of 75 mph brought much destruction.

We’ve had a lot of great help. We’ve had seven additional brush crews in addition to our own and we’ve had over 40 linemen helping when you count the four cooperatives that have assisted. As well as the contractor crews. We’re making good strides, we’re on it.

Hopefully we’ll get power back to everyone as soon as we can. We are doing the best we can.

I know our most important things are that we stay safe, and we stay safe. So our lineman are going to be careful.

And remember never approach a downed power line. Because it may or may not be energized. Always assume that it is.

Josh King, New Mac Electric


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