JOPLIN, Mo. — Good news out of Missouri Southern.

The overhaul inside the “Taylor Performing Arts Center” is almost finished.

Construction crews are currently installing new seating.

When that’s complete, there will be a total of 1,700 seats.

That’s less than before, but the new ones are wider, and there’s also more legroom.

“We are on schedule and uh actually a little ahead of schedule. We uh didn’t think this would be done until earlier in the spring and the contractors and all the subcontractors have done a great job in getting us here early December. We’re putting in the final touches for what will be a beautiful Taylor Performing Arts Center,” said Brad Hodson, MSSU Exec. V.P.

The “T-Pac” shut its doors in July of 2019 due to structural issues on the stage, stairwells, and balcony.

Repair work and renovations have been ongoing since January of this year.