JOPLIN, Mo. —Does the thought of working another year for someone else make you want to become your own boss?

If so, you aren’t alone, in more ways than one.

“We do see an influx of people looking to consider, or thinking about or wanting to launch a new business,” said Ken Surbrugg, Consultant, Small Business Development Center.

According to Ken Surbrugg, with the Small Business Development Center on the campus of MSSU, a lot of people come to that conclusion this time of year.

But what if they don’t have any idea how to get started?

Surbrugg says the SBDC is a trove of experience to draw from, and as long as you live in an eight-county region in the Southwest part of the Show-Me State, it won’t cost you a dime.

“A couple of conversations over the last few weeks where people have started their business and they’ve made decisions and they told me I wish I would have somebody to just talk to before I sunk all this money into whatever I’m doing,” said Surbrugg.

He says the free classes are all online and can help a potential entrepreneur learn what to do and not to do and provide help dealing with situations you may not have considered prior to taking the new business venture plunge.

“But when you start to grow, you have to become the manager, and they’ve never done that, that’s a whole different skill set and that’s a whole different learning curve that you have to work with, I had a conversation with a lady earlier today where she’s looking to hire employees but she’s really never done that before, she’s never managed employees before so that scares them to death,” said Surbrugg.

The only thing they can’t help with is tax or legal advice.

MSSU students have to pay to get the same information, but Surbrugg says it can be some of the best money they’ve ever spent.

For more information on upcoming sessions, you can visit the MSSU Training website, here.