JOPLIN, Mo. — There’s a new partnership that will benefit local international students.

Those students who have graduated with an associate’s degree from Crowder College can now attend MSSU at a lower rate than what international students would typically have to spend on tuition.

Officials say it’s like receiving a $5,800 scholarship.

Both schools have worked together in the past on providing events and activities for international students.

The relationship between both institutions is what prompted this new partnership.

“It takes a lot for international students to live and study here inside the United States, they pay an enormous amount for tuition oftentimes, you know, double what an American student would pay and, so this has been a great opportunity to hopefully attract these students that want to continue their education, but more affordable,” SAID Stephanie Goad, MSSU SR. Coordinator For International Admissions and Recruitment.

”We know that there’s a great support system in both counties Newton and Jasper, for international students. We know that keeping students in the area they will be plugged into these resources, and supported through their whole educational journey.,” SAID Sam Kohrs, Crowder College International Coordinator.

Officials from both schools say they even help international students with things like obtaining a driver’s license, paying bills, and navigating their new campuses.