JOPLIN, Mo. — A food pantry on a local campus is expanding operations.

Missouri Southern’s “Lion Co-op Center for Nutrition Security” is now operating the pantry out of Spiva Library.

It also has an industrial freezer.

Workers say that helps with the twice-yearly donations of ground venison from “Feed the Harvest” — as well as other large donations of frozen food.

“We were actually needing more cold storage, freezer storage, and we also in January became a partner with Ozark Food Harvest, the food bank in this part of the state. And so every month we get a large delivery from them which is including frozen meat,” said Andrea Cullers, Lion Co-op Co-Director.

“Had several people come up and like looking in. And I approach them – this is Lion Co-op. This is for you. And they’re shocked when they step in to see it’s not just canned foods and we have fresh produce,” said Samantha White, Lion Co-op Intern.

The pantry moved to its new location in the library earlier this year – with hopes of seeing more students benefit from a more highly trafficked location.