JOPLIN, Mo. — Bill and Tracy Gipson are giving $1,000,000 to the university as part of the “Lions Forward” fundraising campaign.

Half of the money will be used to start a masters degree in data analytics, a goal promoted by university leaders.

Bill Gipson is a co-chair for the campaign and is excited to see the campus changing and growing.

“The university, through previous gifts, has demonstrated good stewardship. More importantly, got to know students and families of the other endeavors we’ve been involved in. When we see programs like this that the staff and the faculty are excited about, we want to be a part of that too,” said Bill Gipson, MSSU Donor.

“The campaign is really an opportunity to get the message out about the future of the university, and raise philanthropic dollars for some key areas such as student scholarships, and new academic programs that will transform the university in the years ahead,” said Dr. Dean Van Galen, MSSU Pres.

The lions forward project is a five-year campaign, to raise more than $31,000,000 for a list of campus improvements.

Mssu is nearing the halfway mark in fundraising.