JOPLIN, Mo. — Soon-to-be graduates at Missouri Southern are now looking the professional part.

And it’s all thanks to the 9th annual Dress to Impress event that was held Wednesday in Billingsly Student Center.

Nearly 400 MSSU students were expected to pick up new or gently worn professional attire. Things they’ll wear on job interviews, or when they begin working.

Junior Hogan Wiseman took advantage of the free shopping event to augment his wardrobe.

“Oh I think it’s really convenient, especially like you said for those who don’t have the money or really the time to go out and shop for, it just gives a nice quick little drive even if you’re living on dorm side or a commuter student just give you the quick time to come and browse even if you don’t find anything you like, it still gives you the opportunity,” said Wiseman.

“We have mentors here that are on site that as they shop around can encourage them and help them understand what kind of apparel what kind of dress wear is expected of their specific profession and then get them free professional clothing for their career,” said Alex Gandy, MSSU Career Services Director.

The event is always free and is also open to MSSU alumni. All of the clothing, shoes and accessories were donated by people and businesses in the Joplin area.