Lawrence and Newton Counties announce more COVID-19 cases, two new deaths

Missouri News

SOUTHWEST MISSOURI — The Lawrence County Health Department announced its first COVID-19-related death on Monday.

The county reported that the patient was a 52-year-old with an underlying health condition.

Four more cases have been reported as well. According to the health department, three of these are tied to other positive cases from Springfield or workplaces in Barry County. One case’s origins are unknown.

This brings Lawrence County totals to 35 positive cases — 15 which have recovered and one death.

The following dates, times, and locations were deemed as places cases traveled while infections.

In Newton County, more information has also been released. The department also announced Monday that 44 more cases have been confirmed in the county.

Officials say that while the majority of these cases have come from within Neosho city limits, another contributing factor is a wave in results from community testing done over the weekend.

The county also announced another death, now totaling three. No additional information was released about this patient.

Newton County totals are now at 463 overall confirmed patients with three deaths and 91 recovered.

Both counties are urging people to stay home if you are sick, wash your hands frequently, and practice social distancing.

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