Midknight Detailing – They detail individuals cars, trucks & suv’s (072319)

Business Showcase

Midknight Detailing

627 Moffett Ave

Joplin MO  


I have been detailing for 7 years. My goal during these past 7 years has to been to provide quality work and superior customer service. In 2013, I was presented the opportunity to attend a certification class. This class was offered by the Professional Auto Detailers Association and designed to create a standard across the board for automotive detailers. I eagerly seized the opportunity to better my abilities and in January 2014, I received the Professional Auto Detailers Association Certification. I hold this certification in high regard because while I am not the only one to possess this, I am now the only person in Joplin as well as Missouri that does. As a result, the standards I hold for myself are now even higher and will continue to grow as I will continue to learn and take advantage of new concepts and other improvements within this industry. I will not say that I will ever perfect detailing, but I will continue to learn and improve upon the skills that I already possess.



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