McDowell Land & Cattle Co. uses no chemical spray or antibiotics on the land or cattle. (090619)

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McDowell Land & Cattle Company

Greenfield, MO

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John McDowell, a 2016 Grid Master Award winner from Greenfield, Missouri, is not afraid of change. At 61 years of age, he’s open to new strategies for breeding, feeding and marketing beef. His unapologetic opinions for contemporary methods, along with his infectious laugh, suggest not only why he’s successful at raising and selling all-natural beef, but that he gets a kick out of mixing things up.

McDowell first garnered a Grid Master Award in 2012. This time around, he picked up three awards for three different loads of cattle that reflected McDowell’s ability to combine Red Angus genetics, feeding management and precise marketing for superior beef carcasses. To obtain the award, his naturally fed Red Angus cattle were required to achieve 90 percent Choice and Prime, with no more than 10 percent Yield Grade 4s and a minimum grid score of 100. Two of McDowell’s loads went 100 percent Choice.

“We’re looking for more Prime,” said McDowell. “We’ve always had a few in every load, but our goal is to find more Primes in the mix.”

He’s been feeding cattle for 20 years and used to settle for average. To move the needle on quality during the second half of the game, McDowell’s introduced Red Angus genetics to his commercial program 13 years ago.

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