Big R’s BBQ – They can do catering for parties of at least 25 including Holiday’s (121118)

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Big R’s BBQ
1220 East 15th Street
Joplin, MO 64801
Phone: 417.781.5959
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Big R built his first smoker in the valley in Sulfur Springs, Arkansas, from a refrigerator shell, in 1983.

After debuting his hickory smoked meats to family and friends, what began as a hobby soon became a fledgling business. Big R quickly went from smoking his “smokerator” to a larger homemade smoker fashioned from a retired Guys potato chip wagon. This turned smoking meats in the valley to a portable hickory smoked meals on wheels!

Thus began Big R’s meat route. Big R traveled throughout the ozarks pedaling hickory smoked delicacies to area businesses.

After perfecting his own Bar-B-Que sauce, demand became apparent. Big R had to open his own restaurant. Thus the first Big R’s Bar-B-Que opened on Main Street in Noel, Mo. in 1985

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