KSNF/KODE — Friday the 13th has often been considered an omen of bad luck. If that’s true, 2023 may already be doomed. Not only is the year starting out with a Friday the 13th – there will be another one in the spookiest month of the year.

So why is this day considered the harbinger of bad luck?

One Norse myth mentions 12 gods having a dinner party, until the uninvited trickster god, Loki, showed up as the 13th guest, and misguided the blind son of Odin to shoot his brother with an arrow.

There’s a French play “Les Finesses des Gribouilles” that states “I was born on a Friday, December 13th, 1813 from which come all of my misfortune.

In some Christian cultures, 13 is unlucky. The Last Supper had 13 guests, one of them betraying the Son of God leading to his death that next day-a Friday. Not only that, the Knights of Templar, were a religious order of devout Christians and elite forces that ended up being arrested on Friday the 13th in October 1307. They were then tortured and put to death.

The Apollo 13 mission almost killed the crew on board. If the misfortune of the oxygen tanks failing happened earlier or later in the mission, the crew most likely would have burned alive or been stranded in space. Though they survived, the odds were low and it was a dicey ride home.

Not to mention the classic 80s slasher film “Friday the 13th” about a bunch of young, naive camp counselors that get brutally murdered.

In other cultures, 13 is a lucky number. In numerology, it signifies the beginnings and endings of things and a positive omen. In Judaism, 13 is symbolic throughout the Torah; Israel (Jacob) had 13 children, 13 is the age at which a Bar Mitzvah is performed, and there are 13 Jewish principles of faith and 13 attributes of Mercy.


Plenty of other cultures have their own superstitions around unlucky days and numbers. The number 4 is unlucky in Japan, China, and Vietnam, while the number 8 is deemed unlucky in India.

If you’re a Triskaidekaphobia (someone who has a fear of the number 13) there are a few things you can do to stave off the bad luck: cross your fingers, throw some salt over your shoulder, knock on wood, find a four-leafed clover, make a wish on an eyelash and find a heads-up penny. It probably wouldn’t hurt to avoid breaking a mirror, walking under ladders, black cats, or stepping on any sidewalk cracks today. Good luck!