WEBB CITY, Mo. — A local community is seeing a big boost in spending as it kicks off a new budget year.

“That’s a large budget for the city of Webb City larger than normal,” said Carl Francis, WC City Admin.

Specifically, $8,100,000 in the 2023 city budget, which is up significantly from what’s normally about $6,000,000

Federal ARPA funding makes up most of the difference.

“The federal $2,500,000 that we received that we have plans and are in the budget to use to build a retention area here in town to try and help the west side of town,” said Francis.

Traffic flow will also benefit, including a project to widen East Road. City workers are also planning to add a roundabout at a busy intersection.

“Of Daugherty and East Street, just because you know, that will help with the traffic North and South. Gets backed up when the light changes. We’ve got it set right now to where you know, there’s quite a delay for east and west but it still backs up,” said Francis.

City employees will also benefit from the new budget, with a much higher cost of living raise than normal.

“Seven and a half percent increase is above the norm. We hope to remain competitive, and we want to retain our employees we have what we feel is a good group of people and we really want to keep them,” added Francis.

City parks will also get extra attention. King Jack Park is getting a new frisbee golf area, and plans are in the works for upgrades to city ball fields and a new youth soccer field.

The new budget runs through October 2023.